Do you currently utilize video surveillance at your home or business?  If the answer is “Yes,” our next question is “Would you like to partner up with the Village of Mamaroneck Police Department to fight crime?”

The Village of Mamaroneck Police Department Community Camera Registry Program is an initiative to bolster our community – police partnership.  What better way to solve crimes that have occurred or to possibly deter crimes from occurring (even better)!


First, the home / business owner would register their video surveillance with us here at VMPD.  All registered camera locations are stored in a secure Village of Mamaroneck Police Department database.  There is NO COST to register.

Second, a Village of Mamaroneck Police Officer will contact you via e-mail to verify your registration information.

Third, the Village of Mamaroneck Police Department only contacts you if there is a criminal incident in the area of your surveillance cameras.  Police personnel, if necessary, may request to view your camera footage in order to assist in a police investigation.  In most cases, VMPD will e-mail an alert requesting you, the camera owner, to review your camera system and advise us if you have any useful camera footage.  At no time will the Village of Mamaroneck Police have direct access to your surveillance systems!

Lastly, all information provided to the Village of Mamaroneck Police Department regarding your camera systems will be for official use only.  Any video footage collected by the Village of Mamaroneck Police Department relating to criminal activity may be used in a police investigation and as evidence during any stage of a criminal proceeding.  Your personal information will remain confidential and not be distributed except as required by law or court order.


“Neighbors helping neighbors help the police.”   This initiative may help us save valuable investigative time.   Help us make the Village of Mamaroneck an undesirable place for criminals to commit crime and help keep your entire community safe!   This is taking the Neighborhood Watch concept to a new level. 

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